DOI: 10.1002/biot.202300201 ISSN:

A genome‐wide analysis of the GRAS gene family in upland cotton and a functional study of the role of the GhGRAS55 gene in regulating early maturity in cotton

Zhangshu Xie, Dan Yang, Zhenzhong Zhou, Kan Li, Penghui Yi, Aiyu Liu, Zhonghua Zhou, Xiaoju Tu
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • General Medicine


The members of the GRAS gene family play important roles in regulating plant growth and development, but their functions in regulating early plant maturity traits are still unknown. In this study, we used a series of bioinformatics tools to identify GRAS gene family members and investigate the function of the gene family (GhGRAS55) using a genome‐wide database of upland cotton samples. A total of 58 members of the GRAS gene family were identified and screened, which were distributed on 21 chromosomes within the whole cotton genome. The results of the phylogenetic analysis showed that the genes of upland cotton, island cotton, African cotton, Raymond cotton, and Arabidopsis were distributed in subfamilies I–VIII, although subfamily II did not contain any upland cotton or Arabidopsis GRAS family members. The structures and other characteristics of the genes in this family were clarified using bioinformatics technology. The transcriptomic sequencing results for early and late maturing cotton species showed that the expression of most GRAS family genes, such as GhGRAS10, GhGRAS5511, and GhGRAS55, was lower in early maturing species than late maturing species. We also found that cotton plants with GhGRAS55 genes that were silenced by virus‐induced gene silencing (VIGS) technology showed early bud emergence phenotypes, so it could be speculated that the GhGRAS55 gene has the function of regulating early maturity in cotton.

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