DOI: 10.1093/lifemedi/lnad033 ISSN:

A framework of biomarkers for vascular aging: A consensus statement by the Aging Biomarker Consortium

, Le Zhang, Jun Guo, Yuehong Liu, Shimin Sun, Baohua Liu, Qi Yang, Jun Tao, Xiao-Li Tian, Jun Pu, Huashan Hong, Miao Wang, Hou-Zao Chen, Jie Ren, Xiaoming Wang, Zhen Liang, Yuan Wang, Kai Huang, Weiqi Zhang, Jing Qu, Zhenyu Ju, Guang-Hui Liu, Gang Pei, Jian Li, Cuntai Zhang


Aging of the vasculature, which is integral to the functioning of literally all human organs, serves as a fundamental physiological basis for age-related alterations as well as a shared etiological mechanism for various chronic diseases prevalent in the elderly population. China, home to the world’s largest aging population, faces an escalating challenge in addressing the prevention and management of these age-related conditions. To meet this challenge, the Aging Biomarker Consortium (ABC) of China has developed an expert consensus on biomarkers of vascular aging (VA) by synthesizing literature and insights from scientists and clinicians. This consensus provides a comprehensive assessment of biomarkers associated with VA and presents a systemic framework to classify them into three dimensions: functional, structural and humoral. Within each dimension, the expert panel recommends the most clinically relevant VA biomarkers. For the functional domain, biomarkers reflecting vascular stiffness and endothelial function are highlighted. The structural dimension encompasses metrics for vascular structure, microvascular structure and distribution. Additionally, proinflammatory factors are emphasized as biomarkers with the humoral dimension. The aim of this expert consensus is to establish a foundation for assessing the extent of VA and conducting research related to VA, with the ultimate goal of improving the vascular health of the elderly in China and globally.

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