DOI: 10.17066/tpdrd.1250705_2 ISSN: 1302-1370

A Field Study on the Causes and Psycho-Social Consequences of Social Network Fatigue: The Case of Turkey

Nihal ACAR, Birol GÜLNAR
  • Psychology (miscellaneous)
  • Applied Psychology
  • Education
Social network usage has started to decrease since 2011 for various reasons. Research in the literature has revealed the concept of social network fatigue, which has physical and psychological consequences due to different reasons. Recent studies have emphasized that social network fatigue is dangerous for users' individual well-being, and researchers have suggested further studies due to the newness of the concept. Based on the recommendations in the literature, this research was carried out with 1100 participants from all over Turkey in a quantitative design to determine the causes and psycho-social consequences of social network fatigue. Participants in the research information on social network fatigue, social network overload, social network victimization and socio-demographic characteristics was collected. In the research constructed with the stressor-strain-consequence (SSO) model it has been understood that social network overload and social network victimization are predictors of social network fatigue. In the study, the social network fatigue experienced by the participants it has been determined that it causes physical and psychological consequences such as sudden anger, physical fatigue, exhaustion, wear-out, anger, regret, dissatisfaction, boredom, overwhelm, restlessness and stress.

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