Shuo Wang, Zhaofeng Ouyang, Shitao Geng, Yan Wang, Xiaoju Zhao, Bin Yuan, Xiao Zhang, Qiuchen Xu, Chengqiang Tang, Shanshan Tang, Han Miao, Huisheng Peng, Hao Sun

A dynamically stable self-healable wire based on mechanical-electrical coupling

  • Multidisciplinary

Abstract The rise of wearable electronics has witnessed the advancement of self-healable wires, which are capable of recovering the mechanical and electrical properties upon structural damage. However, their highly fluctuating electrical resistances in the range of hundreds to thousands of ohms under dynamic conditions such as bending, pressing, stretching, and tremoring may seriously degrade the precision and continuity of the resulting electronic devices, thus severely hindering their wearable applications. Here, we report a new family of self-healable wires with high strengths and stable electrical conductivities under dynamic conditions, inspired by mechanical-electrical coupling of the myelinated axon in nature. Our self-healable wire based on mechanical-electrical coupling between the structural and conductive components has significantly improved the electrical stability under dynamic scenarios, enabling precise monitoring of human health status and daily activities, even in simulated cases of limb tremors caused by the Parkinson's disease. Our mechanical-electrical coupling strategy opens a new avenue for development of dynamically stable electrodes and devices toward real-world wearable applications.

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