DOI: 10.1093/bib/bbad304 ISSN:

A denoised multi-omics integration framework for cancer subtype classification and survival prediction

Jiali Pang, Bilin Liang, Ruifeng Ding, Qiujuan Yan, Ruiyao Chen, Jie Xu
  • Molecular Biology
  • Information Systems


The availability of high-throughput sequencing data creates opportunities to comprehensively understand human diseases as well as challenges to train machine learning models using such high dimensions of data. Here, we propose a denoised multi-omics integration framework, which contains a distribution-based feature denoising algorithm, Feature Selection with Distribution (FSD), for dimension reduction and a multi-omics integration framework, Attention Multi-Omics Integration (AttentionMOI) to predict cancer prognosis and identify cancer subtypes. We demonstrated that FSD improved model performance either using single omic data or multi-omics data in 15 The Cancer Genome Atlas Program (TCGA) cancers for survival prediction and kidney cancer subtype identification. And our integration framework AttentionMOI outperformed machine learning models and current multi-omics integration algorithms with high dimensions of features. Furthermore, FSD identified features that were associated to cancer prognosis and could be considered as biomarkers.

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