DOI: 10.1093/rb/rbad068 ISSN:

A controllable gelatin-based microcarriers fabrication system for the whole procedures of MSCs amplification and tissue engineering

Zixian Wang, Xiuxiu Zhang, Limin Xue, Gangwei Wang, Xinda Li, Jianwei Chen, Ruxiang Xu, Tao Xu
  • Biomaterials


Biopolymer microbeads present substantial benefits for cell expansion, tissue engineering, and drug release applications. However, a fabrication system capable of producing homogeneous microspheres with high precision and controllability for cell proliferation, passaging, harvesting and downstream application is limited. Therefore, we developed a co-flow microfluidics-based system for the generation of uniform and size-controllable gelatin-based microcarriers (GMs) for mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) expansion and tissue engineering. Our evaluation of GMs revealed superior homogeneity and efficiency of cellular attachment, expansion and harvest, and MSCs expanded on GMs exhibited high viability while retaining differentiation multipotency. Optimization of passaging and harvesting protocols was achieved through the addition of blank GMs and treatment with collagenase, respectively. Furthermore, we demonstrated that MSC-loaded GMs were printable and could serve as building blocks for tissue regeneration scaffolds. These results suggested that our platform held promise for the fabrication of uniform GMs with downstream application of MSC culture, expansion and tissue engineering.

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