DOI: 10.24106/kefdergi.1473644 ISSN: 1300-8811

A Content Analysis of the Numbers and Operations Learning Area-themed Articles Published in Turkey Related to Their Topic Trends and Results

Rüveyda Kandal, Fatih Baş
This research aims to explore the level/case determination and experimental, related to any variable, articles, which have been conducted on the numbers and operations learning area in mathematics education and published in the educational journals in Turkey, within the scope of their topic trends and results. Within the scope of the research designed with the descriptive content analysis method, 301 articles were determined and the obtained results were analysed with the content analysis method. The result is as follows: In the articles, which were focused on the level/situation determination, mainly the skill articles such as various misconceptions/ errors/ difficulties/ difficulties in fractions/operations with fractions and natural numbers/operations with natural numbers or problem posing skills, mental calculations/ arithmetic operations skills were examined. In the articles on problem posing related to fractions, it was determined that the conceptual difficulties were common and the students overgeneralised about the concept and operations of fractions. In addition, it was observed that the participant had low skill levels of problem posing and problem-solving related to the operations with fractions and natural numbers. In the articles, whose study focus was experimental, mostly the achievement articles in the form of mathematics/academic/student/learning, number/rhythmic counting, and problem-solving success with operations, for fractions and natural numbers, were discussed. When the results of the articles conducted in this scope were analysed, it was determined that the independent variables in the research increased the achievement or performance of the mentioned dependent variables.

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