DOI: 10.26634/jcc.10.2.20417 ISSN: 2349-6835

A comprehensive survey of cloud computing, encompassing architectures, data storage, services, security, and applications

K. Joslin
  • General Medicine
Generally, enterprises store data in internal storage and establish firewalls to protect against intruders attempting to access the data. In cloud computing, data is stored in storage provided by service providers. Information privacy protection involves storing data in encrypted form. The cloud system is responsible for both storage and the encryption or decryption of data, allowing system administrators to access encrypted data and decryption keys. This capability poses a risk to information privacy as it enables unauthorized access to information. This survey discusses Data Storage in Cloud Computing, focusing on the concept of storing encryption and decryption services alongside the storage service. Additionally, the survey examines storage system architecture, security challenges, services, and user application systems to provide a comparison of various cloud models. In addition to the fundamental aspects of data storage and encryption, this survey delves into the evolving landscape of cloud computing, addressing the dynamic nature of storage system architectures. Enterprises increasingly rely on cloud service providers for scalable and flexible storage solutions, prompting a critical examination of the security challenges associated with this paradigm shift. The survey examines how storage services in different cloud models affect user applications and privacy. It stresses the importance of understanding cloud providers' services amidst evolving technology and growing threats. The study delves into trends like edge computing and distributed storage, evaluating their impact on cloud storage security. Overall, it aims to provide a comprehensive overview for enterprises and researchers to make informed decisions on data security in Cloud Computing.

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