DOI: 10.2174/0126659786247721231117110442 ISSN: 2665-9786

A Comprehensive Review on Peptic Ulcer

Rishabh Gaur, Mohit Sandhuja, Varsha Snehi, akash Ved, Karuna Shanker Shukla, Arpita Singh, Devender Pathak, Mayank Kulshreshtha
  • General Medicine


Up to 10% people in the world are affected by a chronic condition known as peptic ulcer. Peptic ulcer development is influenced by the pH of gastric juice and a decline in mucosal defenses. Protonpump inhibitors, histamine (H2) receptor antagonists, prostaglandin analogues and sucralfate have all been used to treat peptic ulcer disease. There has been a continuing search for an appropriate, palliative, and curative agent for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease using natural materials of plant and animal origin due to the complexity, cost, and toxicity of these medications. The goal of this review was to examine medicinal plants, phytochemicals, pathways, and research models that have been applied to the treatment of PUD in order to assess the potential contribution of natural substances to the development of herbal treatments for PUD. A literature search was used to find information utilising electronic databases such as Web of Science, Google Scholar, PubMed, Sci Finder, Reaxys, and Cochrane.

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