DOI: 10.32628/cseit2361049 ISSN: 2456-3307

A Comprehensive Review on COVID-19 Cough Audio Classification through Deep Learning

Praveen Gupta, Sheshang Degadwala
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • General Environmental Science

This review paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the advancements in COVID-19 cough audio classification through deep learning techniques. With the ongoing global pandemic, there is a growing need for non-intrusive and rapid diagnostic tools, and the utilization of audio-based methods for COVID-19 detection has gained considerable attention. The paper systematically reviews and compares various deep learning models, methodologies, and datasets employed for COVID-19 cough audio classification. The effectiveness, challenges, and future directions of these approaches are discussed, shedding light on the potential of audio-based diagnostics in the context of the current public health crisis.

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