DOI: 10.1002/ppsc.202300162 ISSN: 0934-0866

A Comprehensive Review on Antibacterial, Anti‐Inflammatory and Analgesic Properties of Noble Metal Nanoparticles

Felicia Aswathy Waliaveettil, Edathottiyil Issac Anila
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemistry


Their health industry is facing challenges due to a rise in mortality rates brought on by various multi‐drug‐resistant bacterial strains. As a result, new and improvedantibacterial drugs are urgently needed. Similarly, when some unwanted foreign pathogensenter the cellular premises to disturb its homeostasis, inflammation develops as an immune reaction. However, these immune responses also become a double‐edged sword when the inflammatory reaction lasts for a long time, and pain is also linked to inflammatory responses. Inflammation and pain are both signs of tissue injury. Pain is,by definition, an unpleasant experience that ultimately interferes with their normalwell‐being. Hence, bacterial infection, inflammation, and pain need medical assistance to maintain homeostasis. Conventional medicines possess so many repercussive effects, which then demand a replacement with a less toxic and more efficient modern drug. In their review article, for the first time, they present recent advancements in biomedical applications such as the antimicrobial, anti‐inflammatory, and analgesic properties of noble metal nanoparticles. Noble metals have limited availability in the earth's crust. Hence, their physicochemical characterizations and applications are greatly limited. Still, there are some interesting research findings that offer a significant ray of hope for the health sector all over the world.

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