DOI: 10.1177/22786821231177113 ISSN:

A Comprehensive Review of E-service Quality and Comparative Study Between Online Pharmacies in India: 1mg and PharmEasy

Ravi Kumar, Utkarsh Patil
  • General Medicine

E-pharmacies have become the latest trend all over the world, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2019. While buying online, along with the products/medicines in case of e-pharmacies, people also expect a user-friendly website, prompt and safe delivery, data and payment security, and convenient customer services. Hence, e-pharmacy organizations should satisfy all these factors to be the best in the market, enhance customer experience, and increase customer’s repurchasing intentions. The objective of this research is to compare the e-service quality between two of the top e-pharmacies in India—Tata 1mg and API Holdings Private Limited’s PharmEasy—using the e-service quality hierarchical model developed by Blut (2016). E-service quality is evaluated and compared using the following dimensions: website/application design, customer service, security/privacy, fulfillment, and overall e-service quality from the consumer’s perspective. Findings of the study reveal that there was no significant difference in the quality of dimensions—website design and customer service between 1mg and PharmEasy—while there is a significant difference in the quality of fulfillment, security/privacy, and overall e-service quality between 1mg and PharmEasy.

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