DOI: 10.2478/cait-2023-0043 ISSN: 1314-4081

A Comprehensive Approach for Monitoring Student Satisfaction in Blended Learning Courses

Silvia N. Gaftandzhieva, Rositsa Zh. Doneva, Milen P. Bliznakov
  • General Computer Science


Due to the great importance of student satisfaction with educational services, many HEIs conduct annual surveys. Analyzing the results of such surveys, tracking trends, and comparing the evaluation results to help governing bodies make data-driven decisions to take measures to improve the quality of courses is time-consuming and requires a lot of manual work. As a solution to the problem, this paper proposes a comprehensive approach to monitoring student satisfaction with the quality of blended learning courses. The developed software tool analyzes results and enables users with different roles to generate reports with aggregated results at different levels, allowing them to make informed decisions and take measures to ensure a higher quality of courses. The generated reports during the pilot experiments proved the tool’s applicability. This tool can be implemented in any HEI, regardless of the software systems used.