Yang Liu, Yawei Shao, Yanqiu Wang, Junyi Wang

A Composite Superhydrophobic, Photothermal Coating by Modified Carbon Nanotubes and the Study of its Anti‐icing/Deicing Behavior

  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • General Materials Science

Linearly structured carbon nanotubes are intertwined to form complex micro and nanoscale structural undulations, and the structural undulations of the coating are further enhanced using large‐size nano‐SiO2. It can be prepared the composite superhydrophobic coating (S‐C coating) with contact angle of 165.3° and sliding angle of 1°. Small‐size nano‐SiO2 can doped into the 3D‐network structure formed by the carbon nanotubes and act as anchor points to fix the structure. This enhances the stability of the coating as well as the abrasion resistance. The coating exhibits the good long‐term durability and the ability to face harsh service environments. Due to the presence of the air layer with low heat transfer rate on the coating surface, the S‐C coating demonstrates good anti‐icing properties compared to the uncoated tinplate. By the lower surface free energy and contact area with the ice layer of the coating, the coating also exhibits good deicing performance. The ice adhesion strength (IAS) of the coating is only 11.5 kPa, which is a decrease of 97.3% compared with that of the uncoated tinplate. The photothermal properties of carbon nanotubes and the ability of the micro‐nano structure to reflect light enable the coating to exhibit excellent photothermal properties. This also accelerate the melting and shedding of the ice layer on the coating.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

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