DOI: 10.4103/indianjotol.indianjotol_5_23 ISSN: 0971-7749

A Comparative Study of Full Cuff Underlay and Over-underlay Tympanoplasty

Rajesh Pandey, Abhishek Kumar Barnwal, Anil Kumar Yadav
  • Otorhinolaryngology


Various modifications in tympanomeatal flap elevation in tympanoplasty were described by otolaryngologist all over the world to achieve best surgical outcome. In this study, the surgical and audiological outcomes of circumferential (full cuffed) tympanomeatal flap elevation and over-under technique of flap elevation were compared in type 1 tympanoplasty.


The aim of this study is to compare surgical outcomes of two techniques of tympanomeatal flap elevation in tympanoplasty.

Materials and Methods:

This prospective randomized study included 200 patients. Patients were randomly allocated in 2 groups. Patients were followed for 3 months and compared surgical and audiological outcomes in 2 groups.


In full-cuffed underlay (Group A) techniques, the overall success (97.3%) and anterior blunting (9.1%) were more, whereas residual perforation (2.7%), granulation formation (2.7%), and lateralization (0.0%) were less common as compared to over-underlay technique (Group B). In over-underlay technique (Group B), success, residual perforation, lateralization, and anterior blunting were seen in 82.2%, 17.8%, 4.4%, and 2.2%, respectively.


Both full-cuffed underlay and over-underlay techniques of tympanoplasty are effective surgical technique with satisfactory outcome.

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