DOI: 10.52403/gijhsr.20230301 ISSN:

A Clinical Study to Appraise the Efficacy of Astacus Fluviatilis in the Management of Urticaria by Using Chronic Urticaria -Quality of Life (CU-QoL)

Perumalla Pavithran
  • General Medicine

People often experience urticaria, sometimes referred to as hives, which is characterised by erythematous, edematous, itchy, and transitory plaques that affect the skin and mucous membranes. Acute spontaneous urticaria, chronic spontaneous urticaria, chronic inducible urticaria, and episodic chronic urticaria are the different classifications. Many causes are blamed for the aetiology, but sometimes they are idiopathic. These include infections, medications, diet, psychogenic factors, and respiratory allergies. Clinically, there are irritable, swollen, and red plaques. Homoeopathy effectively cures acute, chronic, and recurrent urticaria by addressing the underlying immune system imbalance and takes on the illness head-on. Numerous effective homoeopathic therapies exist to treat urticaria. One of the significant remedies is Astacus fluviatilis that is very helpful in cases of urticaria. This study was done on 20 patients, where 10 patients were given Astacus fluviatilis and 10 patients were given a placebo. The statistical results showed that Astacus fluviatilis gave better results compared to the control group. Keywords: Urticaria, Treatment, Astacus fluviatilis, Homoeopathy.

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