Valentina Golendukhina, Harald Foidl, Daniel Hörl, Michael Felderer

A Catalog of Consumer IoT Device Characteristics for Data Quality Estimation

  • Information Systems and Management
  • Information Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing and spreading across different markets, including the customer market and consumer IoT (CIoT). The large variety of gadgets and their availability makes CIoT more and more influential, especially in the wearable and smart home domains. However, the large variety of devices and their inconsistent quality due to varying hardware costs have an influence on the data produced by such devices. In this article, a catalog of CIoT properties is introduced, which enables the prediction of data quality. The data quality catalog contains six categories and 21 properties with descriptions and trust score calculation methods. A diagramming tool is implemented to support and facilitate the process of evaluation. The tool was assessed in an experimental setting with 14 users and received positive feedback. Additionally, we provide an exemplary application for smartwatch devices and compare the results obtained with the approach with the users’ evaluation based on the feedback from 158 smartwatch owners. As a result, the method-based ranking does not provide similar results to the regular users. However, it yields comparable outcomes to the assessment conducted by experienced users.

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