DOI: 10.2478/minrv-2023-0032 ISSN: 2247-8590

A Case Study to Using Acid Soluble Abrasive Materials for Hydra Jetting Gas Well

Alejandro Osorio Pozo, Alaa Zeinab, Timur Chiș, Claudia María Brezeanu
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • General Engineering
  • General Environmental Science


Gas extraction is affected by the presence of condensate and water in the extraction wells, with gas flow decreasing as the liquid rate increases. In this case, it is unnecessary to increase the recovery factor by increasing the gas flow rate. That is precisely why the technique of dilating the pores of the rocks through an abrasive effect is useful in this operation. In this paper is presenting abrasive flow rate in test to dilating pores of the gas well.

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