DOI: 10.47992/ijcsbe.2581.6942.0292 ISSN: 2581-6942

A Case Study on Acceptance of Hospital Information Systems (HIS), among Nurses in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Nirmala Kumari, P. K. Suresh Kumar
  • General Medicine

Purpose: To improve the quality of care, information technology must be implemented in the healthcare field. In any healthcare system, nurses are the primary users of the hospital information system (HIS), making them the Centre of care. Therefore, understanding their views and the way they use these systems will help improve hospital information systems. Methodology: Data were collected from 389 nurses in hospital wards, intensive care units, and emergency departments using a structured questionnaire. There were two sections of questions on the questionnaire. In the first section demographic details were included. In the second session, 15 statements about nurse’s acceptability of the hospital information system in the hospital are also included. It was suggested to include one more open-ended question in the study to get feedback from the nurses about ways to increase HIS acceptance. Finding/Result: The study found that the majority were female nurses with a bachelor degree and 3-4 years of computer experience. The majority of nurses accepted that the HIS is integrated into their daily work. As a result of the study, the nursing staff will be more likely to accept the HIS. Originality/value: This study will provide a comprehensive overview of understanding information technology and the acceptance of using these systems, which will reduce the workload of nurses while improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction. Paper Type: Observational case study.

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