DOI: 10.1002/iju5.12620 ISSN:

A case of mid‐ureteral stricture with ipsilateral atrophic kidney in a young adult

Arisa Machida, Masakazu Abe, Shuhei Ishii, Kie Sekiguchi, Kenta Takahashi, Ei Shiomi, Shigekatsu Maekawa, Yoichiro Kato, Noriyuki Uesugi, Wataru Obara
  • Urology


Most congenital ureteral strictures occur at the ureteropelvic or ureterovesical junction in children. Mid‐ureteral stricture is very rare and can cause congenital hydronephrosis. Only a few studies have reported on coexisting mid‐ureteral stricture with ipsilateral atrophic kidney in young adults.

Case presentation

A 16‐year‐old girl presented with repeated urinary tract infection. Computed tomography revealed a right atrophic kidney and hydroureter. Retrograde pyelography showed a mid‐ureteral stricture. Laparoscopic nephroureterectomy was performed, and histological examination revealed mid‐ureteral stricture with hyperplasia of the fibrous connective tissue and an atrophic kidney.


Mid‐ureteral stricture in a young adult is extremely rare. Appropriate imaging studies including retrograde pyelography are necessary for accurate diagnosis of mid‐ureteral stricture.

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