DOI: 10.2478/minrv-2023-0029 ISSN: 2247-8590

A Brief Study to Assess the Environmental Impact Generated by Jilț North Open Pit

Florin Faur, Mioara Brujan Predoiu, Maria Lazăr, Izabela-Maria Apostu, Daniel Moisuc-Hojda
  • General Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • General Engineering
  • General Environmental Science


As the extension of the valid periods for lignite exploitation licenses in the current perimeters in the Oltenia basin is considered (except for those perimeters that will deplete the exploitable resource) until the horizon of the year 2030 (possibly even 2035), it is crucial to ensure that extractive activities take place under safe conditions, and, above all, under legal conditions regarding environmental protection. Despite the significant and undeniable negative effects of current lignite mining, this industrial sector has multiple possibilities at its disposal to minimize the negative impact on the environment and, moreover, to restore affected areas. In this context, within this paper, our goal is to identify, describe, and evaluate the environmental impact produced by lignite mining activities in the Jilț North open pit. To achieve this, well-known and recommended techniques and procedures from the specialized literature are used, taking into account the legislative provisions stipulated by Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2005 on environmental protection (approved by Law no. 265/2006) and the Mines Law no. 85/2003, as well as the guidelines outlined for anthropogenic impact assessment by Law no. 292/2018.

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