DOI: 10.3390/wevj14080223 ISSN:

A Blockchain-Based Data Authentication Algorithm for Secure Information Sharing in Internet of Vehicles

Amjad Aldweesh
  • Automotive Engineering

Secure communication between connected electric vehicles is critical for realizing the full potential of the Internet of Vehicles. However, the authentication and security of the information shared between vehicles remains a major challenge. In this work, we propose a blockchain-based data authentication algorithm to enable secure information sharing between electric vehicles. Our algorithm leverages the distributed ledger and consensus mechanism of blockchain technology to overcome limitations of traditional public key infrastructure schemes for large-scale vehicle networks. Each electric vehicle has a unique key pair and address on the blockchain network. Vehicles generate digital signatures using their private keys to share data, while recipients verify the signatures using corresponding public keys for authentication. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm achieves high authentication success rates with acceptable latency and computation overhead. The algorithm provides benefits like decentralization, transparency and non-repudiation compared to existing approaches. Our work indicates the potential of blockchain to enhance security, trust and cooperation in Internet of Vehicles applications.

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