DOI: 10.1002/adma.202306435 ISSN:

A Bionic Skin for Health Management: Excellent Breathability, In‐Situ Sensing, and Big Data Analysis

Shuo Shi, Yang Ming, Hanbai Wu, Chuanwei Zhi, Liangtao Yang, Shuo Meng, Yifan Si, Dong Wang, Bin Fei, Jinlian Hu
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • General Materials Science


Developing an intelligent wearable system is of great significance to human health management. An ideal health‐monitoring patch should possess key characteristics like high air permeability, moisture‐wicking function, high sensitivity, and a comfortable user experience. However, such a patch that encompasses all these functions is rarely reported. Herein,  we developed an intelligent bionic skin patch for health management by integrating bionic structures, nano‐welding technology, flexible circuit design, multifunctional sensing functions, and big data analysis using advanced electrospinning technology. By controlling the preparation of nanofibers and constructing bionic secondary structures, the resulting nanofiber membrane closely resembles human skin, exhibiting excellent air/ moisture permeability, and one‐side sweat‐wicking properties. Additionally, the bionic patch was endowed with a high‐precision signal acquisition capabilities for sweat metabolites, including glucose, lactic acid, and pH; skin temperature, skin impedance, and electromyographic signals can be precisely measured through the in‐situ sensing electrodes and flexible circuit design. The achieved intelligent bionic skin patch holds great potential for applications in health management systems and rehabilitation engineering management. The design of the smart bionic patch not only provides high practical value for health management but also has great theoretical value for the development of the new generation of wearable electronic devices.

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