DOI: 10.1002/slct.202300985 ISSN: 2365-6549

A Bimetallic Porphyrin Metal Organic Framework as Multifunctional Catalysts for CO2 Cycloaddition and Alkyne Hydration

Yuqiang Zhang, Sheng Wang, Wenqing Yang, Zhiyan Zhang, Xiaoxuan Li, Yisi Feng
  • General Chemistry


Here, a post synthetic modification strategy is presented to prepare multifunctional Bi−MOF−Co by introducing Co atom into the porphyrin units of bismuth‐porphyrin metal organic framework (Bi−MOF). Under milder conditions (0.1 MPa, 80 °C), CO2 cycloaddition is achieved to form cyclic carbonate in 96 % yield catalyzed by Bi−MOF−Co. The recyclability of catalysts is confirmed by five cycle experiments without loss of activity. Moreover, alkyne hydration is also catalyzed by Bi−MOF−Co in 99 % yield. The hydration protocol exhibites excellent functional group compatibility.

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