DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16809 ISSN:

89‐3: Late‐News Paper: High‐Efficiency and Polarized Light Emitting Diode with Wire Grid Polarizer and Meta‐surface Textures

Xianqin Meng, Zhongxiao Li, Yun Lai, Weiting Peng, Mingxing Wang, Zhiqiang Jiao, Wei Wang, Sha Liu, Pengxia Liang, Shiqing Ma, Xiaochuan Chen, Dan Wang, Xue Dong
  • General Medicine

A low power consumption is an essential issue for all of the electrical products, especially for the wearable electrical products, and the liquid crystal displays. This manuscript proposed a single polarized light emitting diode (LED) chip which is used for a direct back light unit for LCD. A wire grid polarizer and a meta‐ surface textures are set on the top and bottom of the LED chip in order to obtain a high polarization and transparency. After optimization the potential parameters, the transmittance of TM and the polarization are 93.71% and 99.3% respectively. It can replace the normal LED of direct back light unit in order to obtain a high efficiency of 20% improvement, by comparing liquid crystal display using the APF polarizer. It can be used for reducing power consumption and supply dependence, as well as the cost of displays.

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