DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16804 ISSN:

88‐2: Highly Saturated Color Electrophoretic Display

HongMei Zang, Craig Lin, Suhasini Kishore, Muhanad Jalil, Ali Sarvi, Lei Liu, Karen Du
  • General Medicine

E Ink Spectra™ 6 is a full‐color electrophoretic display with superior color saturation and a black‐white contrast ratio of more than 30. Specially engineered ink comprising blue, white, red, and yellow particles is coated and sealed in a thin film Microcup® structure using a roll‐to‐roll process. It targets signage applications, electronic shelf label applications, and other IoT applications. With a special dithering algorithm, full‐color images can be rendered with the option of displaying red, green, blue, yellow, white, or black in each pixel. Its operating temperatures range from 0°C to 50°C.

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