DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16791 ISSN:

85‐3: High‐Transmittance, High‐Resolution Color Filters with Tailored Structures for Micro‐displays

Byung Gwan Hyun, Seungryong Lee, Chaekyung Lim, Seungbum Lee, Younghoon Kim, Taehyoung Kwak, Kwon-Shik Park, Sooyoung Yoon
  • General Medicine

The needs for high‐performances display is increased while electronics have been integrated into various materials. Compared to conventional display, micro‐type displays are required with miniaturized and high‐ intensity performances for various applications, such as AR/VR, smart contact lens. Common light source‐based approach is a simple way to demonstrate the micro‐display with high‐transmittance, high‐ resolution color filters (CFs). Here, we address the requirements for CFs in color and processing aspects. Our CFs minimize the polymer binder to be easily modified the pattern shapes with high‐transmittance. The CF is easily controlled the shape of pattern with high‐resolution (~2μm). This CF is able to be applied various micro‐light sources (μ‐LED, μ‐OLED). Thus, we believe that it would be one of promising solution for micro‐display applications.

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