DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16790 ISSN:

85‐2: 2117PPI VR LCD with ultra‐high aperture opening ratio

Tianmin Zhou, Jinchao Zhang, Lizhong Wang, Zhen Zhang, Binbin Tong, Wenqing Xue, Guoteng Li, Ce Ning, Guangcai Yuan
  • General Medicine

In this paper, the Pixel Design and the Process Technology of ultra‐high PPI display are investigated. For increasing the aperture open ratio in pixel design, the width of metal data line, the size of TFT and the crosstalk between metal lines are separately researched. The minimum of light shield for LTPS TFT is achieved since the mechanism between photoillumination and off‐state current is analyzed. In the meanwhile, the process of narrow metal lines and small via holes are developed. For conclusion, the aperture open ratio of backplane panel is achieved more than 55%.

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