DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16785 ISSN:

84‐1: Studies on Optical Performance and Driving Method of HTN Mode Dye‐Doped Liquid Crystal Smart Window

Sikai Zhang, Zhenxing Li, Chunlei Wang, Jingjing Sun, Deshen Zhai, Xiaoqian Ju, Zhi Hou, Chuncheng Che
  • General Medicine

Transmittance, haze and texture performance of new high twisted nematic(HTN)mode dichroic dye‐doped liquid crystal device under different voltages when power on and power off were studied. According to the elastic free energy theory of liquid crystal, two key phase transition voltages VPH and VHP of HTN mode liquid crystal were calculated. From a theoretical perspect, it was verified that the liquid crystal transition state under different voltages could correspond to the actual dimming performance, which could provide technical driving reference for other similar HTN device. Finally, based on the above analysis results, driving methods of three light dimming modes which included anti‐glare, privacy protect and high transparent mode were studied to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

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