DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16781 ISSN:

83‐1: Improved performance of EL‐QD display through surface modified QDs and inorganic nanoink

Yun Ku Jung, Yunhyuk Ko, Chulsoon Park, Seunguk Noh, Yongil Kim, Sehun Kim, Jaekook Ha, Yeogeon Yoon
  • General Medicine

We demonstrated the ligand exchange procedure on the InP base green QDs and Zn(Mg)O surface to improve of efficiency at EL‐QDs device. Performace of EL‐QDs device was imporved by control of electron mobility and chargen balance through ligand exchange in QDs surface. Moverover, we can prevented QD aggregation of EML throgh surface modification of electron transfer nanoparticles on inverted top emitting device.

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