DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16751 ISSN:

74‐4: Spherical Forming‐A Test Method for Stretchability of Flexible OLED from 2D Plane to 3D Surface

Haoran Wang, Ziang Han, Song Zhang, Zhengdao Liu, Peng Cai, Yanyan Yang, Shiming Shi, Dawei Wang
  • General Medicine

3D curved shape display with non‐zero Gaussian curvature can only be adapted by a stretchable display panel. Other displays are almost impossible to achieve, even if they are flexible. In this work, we designed a stretchable stacking structure and a 3D deformation process to realize the dome‐shape samples, with reference to the commercial 3D‐shape displays. And a blue‐light 3D scanning method was applied to measure the length change and area change of the dome‐shape samples. The measurement method covered in this paper can be a promising candidate for a standard method of measuring 3D deformation of stretchable displays.

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