DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16490 ISSN:

7‐3: A New Line‐by‐Line SWEEP Signal Generation Method for PWM Driving MicroLED TFT Pixel Circuit

Kyeong-Soo Kang, Ji-Hwan Park, Chanjin Park, Soo-Yeon Lee
  • General Medicine

This paper proposes a novel method to generate a SWEEP signal line‐by‐line for PWM driving microLED pixel circuit. The proposed method generates a SWEEP signal based on the linearly increasing voltage of the capacitor by flowing a constant current to the horizontal line parasitic capacitive load. The constant current is supplied by the sweep generation (SG) circuit in each line. Since the SG circuit utilizes the existing SCAN signals for the pixel circuit, additional SCAN or clock signals are not required. By using the proposed method, an individual SWEEP signal for each line can be generated without a significant increase in operational complexity in the display panel.

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