DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16742 ISSN:

72‐3: High‐performance In‐cell Polarizer with a Multi‐layer Structure for Liquid Crystal Displays

Yue-Chu Cheng, Yi-Yang Gao, Man-Chun Tseng, Yeuk-Lung Ho, Olena Vashchenko, Shu-Tuen Tang, Valerii Vashchenko, Zhi-Bo Sun, Zheng-Nan Yuan, Sze-Yan Yeung, Hoi-Sing Kwok
  • General Medicine

This work demonstrates a high‐performance in‐cell polarizer adopting photo‐aligned azobenzene dyes. On the strength of the multilayered design, a simple fabrication process has been developed to assemble an in‐cell polarizer. We have achieved a broadband dichroic ratio after the long‐term stability test. Meanwhile, the cell with the proposed in‐cell polarizer can be driven regularly without a voltage boost, which renders excellent practicability in liquid crystal display technologies. The structure, fabrication process, and properties of the in‐cell polarizer in TN‐LCD are thoroughly discussed.

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