DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16740 ISSN:

72‐1: Invited Paper: Improving Improving Thermal Stability of The Coatable Polarizer by Optimization of Materials

Youyou Li, Jiuhui Zhu, Ming Yang, Wei Cheng, Chao Wang, Cooper
  • General Medicine

In this paper, we fabricated the coatable polarizer based on guest‐host effect between the host polymerizable liquid crystal and the guest dichroic dye. However, its thermal stability is poor. We had attempts to optimize the structure of its materials and we obtained the optimized polarizer. It had a very small color difference of 2.91, and its DOP was only reduced from 99.0% to 96.2% with a samll loss of 2.7% after being heated at 90°C for 120 hours. It shows that the thermal stability is greatly enhanced. It will benefit the coatable polarizer's development of applications in ultra‐thin, ultra‐wide size and flexible display fields.

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