DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16488 ISSN:

7‐1: A New a‐IGZO TFT Pixel Circuit for High‐Resolution Mobile AMOLED Display with Highly Stable at Low Gray Levels

Ji-Hwan Park, Kyeong-Soo Kang, Jiho Lee, Soo-Yeon Lee
  • General Medicine

This paper proposes a highly stable amorphous indium‐gallium zinc‐oxide (a‐IGZO) thin‐film transistor (TFT) pixel circuit for the active‐matrix organic light‐emitting diode (AMOLED) displays, which can compensate for the non‐uniform threshold voltage (VTH) of the TFT at a low gray level. The stable operation was achieved by minimizing the operation number of the switch connected to the VTH storage capacitor after the VTH compensation stage. The HSPICE simulation verified that the relative current error rate is within only ‐15.7% at 567 pA (13 gray level) against the VTH variations.

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