DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16735 ISSN:

70‐3: Tunability of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) using Liquid Crystal (LC) according to Various Bias Voltage Levels

Byounggwan Kang, Hyengcheul Choi, Changhyeong Lee, Boyoung Kang, Jaewon Huh, Youngno Youn, Wonbin Hong
  • General Medicine

This paper introduces a proof‐of‐concept of RIS consisting of Merck GT7‐29001 Liquid Crystal (LC) and Corning glass with metallic circle patterns for controlling redirection at Ka‐band. Since this structure and fabrication process is compatible with conventional LCD manufacturing technology, significant cost reduction and large size capability can be expected compared to incumbent diode & PCB substrate fabrication process. The prototype of RIS had LC layer of a 200um thickness and its frequency tunability was over 14% when inducing bias voltages up to 25V at metal patterns. Simulation results using dielectric properties of GT7‐29001 show a good agreement with the frequency tunability at measurements. Also, 23° beam steering was realized by separately inducing 0V or 10V at each metal pattern on glass.

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