DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16715 ISSN:

64‐3: Invited Paper: Latest Developments Liquid Crystals for RF Applications

Matthias Jost, Michael Wittek, Dieter Schroth
  • General Medicine

Driven by the need for new affordable wireless data communication technologies, special liquid crystals have been developed and optimized for use in microwave components above 10 GHz. As tunable dielectrics, they pave the way for continuously tunable antennas for SATCOM and wireless 5G/6G applications either fixed at home or on‐the‐move. This presentation gives an insight into the current material development with special focus on the application in transparent antennas for fixed 5G access. Sunlight stability tests for an equivalent device lifetime of 5 years were conducted resulting in yellowing index values of < 4, being 2.5 times less than the required threshold.

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