DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16712 ISSN:

63‐4: A New Single X‐Wire Active Matrix mini‐LED backlight with Motion Blur Reduction for LCD TVs

Hansai Ji, Di Geng, Youngjin Lim, Chenghui Yan, Feng Wang, Qing Fang, Jinle Li, Zhiguo Li, Ling Li
  • General Medicine

We have developed a high‐image‐quality 85‐inch 4K HDR LCD display with 2,304 dimming zones using single X‐wire AM mini‐LED backlight unit with motion blur and residual image reduction technology. Our latest work includes the proposed new single X‐wire AM driving method, consists of one matrix controller (DCON) and X‐wires of mini‐LED driver ICs (dimmers), which eliminates extra scanning, sensing lines and pixel/source driver IC using adjustable addressing dimming method, the flexible layout makes the display size easier to expand with low cost, and the H‐scan driving method which is designed for reducing motion blur and residual image using a scanning black frame insertion technology to improve display quality. The proposed mini‐LED BLU can save about 9% power consumption compared to conventional one in normal display.

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