DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16711 ISSN:

63‐3: A Small Aspect Ratio High Voltage Mini LED Solution for Glass‐Based MLED Backlighting

Shan Wei Yang, Li Li Jia, Yu Tao Hao, Ling Yun Shi, Hai Wei Sun, Ming Chen
  • General Medicine

In order to improve the cost‐effectiveness of COG Mini LED backlight products, this paper proposes a small aspect ratio high‐voltage Mini LED solution. This solution reduces the Cu thick traces of the glass substrate by means of high‐voltage driving, thereby reducing the cost of BP. At the same time, with the structure design of 1:1 aspect ratio, it can effectively reduce the die‐bonding skew and improve the product yield. At present, the solution has been verified many times with MNT products, which proves the feasibility of the solution and plays an important role in promoting COG Mini LED products to seize the MLED industry opportunities.

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