DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16704 ISSN:

61‐4: All‐Inkjet‐printed EL‐QD Display with Improved Efficiency and Lifetime

Jaekook Ha, Dongwoo Shin, Yun Ku Jung, Sehun Kim, Heunggyu Kim, Seung Uk Noh, Young il Kim, Youngmo Koo, Seogsoon Baek, Yoonho Kang, SungHune Yoo, Jaekwon Hwang, Donghoon Kwak, Arong Lee, Hoi‐Lim Kim, Gyubong Kim, SangHee Yu, Yeo Geon Yoon, Changhee Lee
  • General Medicine

Inkjet‐printing of electroluminescent quantum dot (EL‐QD) devices is a revolutionary technology aimed at large‐size panel production, high material consumption efficiency and lower manufacturing costs. Here we demonstrate all‐inkjet‐printed 12.4‐inch full color EL‐QD display with 182 ppi resolution. We improved device performance by controling carrier transport property and charge balance through ligand exchange in QDs and ZnMgO surface.

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