DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16703 ISSN:

61‐3: Method for Controlling Surface Energy of Bank Surfaces to Fabricate High‐Thickness Inkjet‐printed QD Color Conversion Layer

Sang Youn Lee, Chun Sakong, Kyung‐Tae Kang, Byeong‐Kwon Ju, Kwan Hyun Cho
  • General Medicine

Quantum dot (QD) color conversion layer (CCL) has been attracting interest due to their fascinating properties. The QD CCL with thickness of microns is required to successfully block blue light leakage. However, controlling the thickness profile in micro‐scale display pixels via the IJP remains a challenge. In this study, we controlled the surface energy of CCL by using CF4‐plasma treatment to control the thickness profile and improve the color conversion efficiency. Through mask‐free CF4‐plasma treatment, the bank became hydrophobic due to the fluorinated treatment, while the glass became hydrophilic due to the cleaning effect, selectively.

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