DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16699 ISSN:

60‐3: Invited Paper: Liquid Crystal Optics for AR/VR/MR Near Eye Displays

Yuge Huang, Lu Lu, Nicholas Diorio, Mengfei Wang, Zhexin Zhao, Xiayu Feng, Junren Wang, Sawyer Miller, Jacques Gollier, Hsienhui Cheng, Kai‐Han Chang, Fenglin Peng, Barry Silverstein
  • General Medicine

Liquid crystal optics are highly favorable for AR/VR/MR near‐eye displays because of the capability of modulating polarization and phase in an ultra‐compact profile. In this presentation, we discuss state‐of‐the‐art LC polarization hologram solutions for AR/VR/MR display technical needs, followed by remaining challenges and opportunities in the way towards high‐image‐quality and all‐day‐wearable near‐eye displays.

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