DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16688 ISSN:

56‐5: HTR‐ADS—A Novel Ultra‐High Transmittance Display Mode

Xin Zhou, Liangwei Zhang, Jilei Gao, Wei Zhang, Ke Dai, Yujie Gao, Zhangtao Wang, Xibin Shao
  • General Medicine

Based on the characteristics of BOE's ADS display technology, the project innovatively adopts a novel display mode, High Transmittance ADS (HTR‐ADS), through the use of Halftone mask organic film technology (Halftone ORG), new pixel structure and negative liquid crystal. HTR‐ADS significantly improves the pixel aperture rate and light efficiency. Moreover, the height difference is formed by organic film to eliminate the Photo Spacer (PS) film layer, reducing the production cost and improving the production capacity. Meanwhile, the light leakage can be greatly decreased by the organic film layer tiled at the periphery of the display area.

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