DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16686 ISSN:

56‐3: Invited Paper: Immersive Gaming Display: 49‐inch Ultra‐Wide (32:9) Curve (R=1000mm) and High Frame Rate (360Hz)

Chien‐Huang Liao, Cheng‐Hsien Liao, Sheng‐Ju Ho, Chian‐Wen Hsu, Jenn‐Jia Su
  • General Medicine

The world's 1st ultra‐wide immersive 49”DQHD (32:9) 360Hz gamming display was developed. In gaming application, not only the higher frame rate, but also gamer experience is taken into consideration. To have immersive picture quality, we proposed ultra‐wide curve with high contrast ratio (>5000:1), and combined gaming feature as fastest gray to gray (GtG) response (1ms), and low flickering performance. In this article, we are discussing the challenges and the solutions from design and process point of view. In addition, advanced structure be introduced to maintain the transmittance and picture quality.

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