DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16311 ISSN: 0097-966X

52.2: Research on Industrial Application and Standards of Ultra HD Video

Chensi Wu, Kai Jia, Xiaoying Zhao
  • General Medicine

Ultra high definition(UHD) industrial applications play a huge role, which can improve production efficiency, enhance product quality, and reduce resource waste. In the future, the industrial application of UHD video will be more extensive, but UHD is a long way to go to achieve total popularity. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop a unified and open standard to promote the industrialization of UHD video. In this paper, we summarize the key technical aspects of UHD video industrial applications from the requirements of the UHD video industry. The standardization needs of industrial application areas are analyzed. According to the common problems and constraints in UHD video application, the standard system of UHD video industrial application is proposed, which contains five aspects: basic commonality, testing and certification, business presentation, auxiliary management, and field application. Finally, the shortcomings of UHD video industrial applications are pointed out, and possible solutions are given.

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