DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16666 ISSN:

51‐4: Collimated Organic Molecular Beam Made by Triple Nozzle Evaporator

Sungmoon Kim, Daejoon Chi, Taekgi Lee, Jonghun Jeon
  • General Medicine

We developed triple nozzle evaporator that can make collimated organic molecular beam. We can reduce inner pressure below final nozzle 1/150 times lower than general evaporator by using triple nozzle structure and recycling path. As a results, the angular flux distribution of triple nozzle evaporator is similar with the cosine to the 100 th graph. And 80% of total flux are concentrated within only ±8° angle region. We expect that it will be helpful to achieve ultra‐high resolution in AMOLED AR/VR and increase material utilization in AMOLED mass production.

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