DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16661 ISSN:

50‐3: Resolution lossless dual view displays base on direction backlight and time multiplexing

Yongle Qi, Xiwang Xing, Zhipeng Zhang, Qiannan Pan, Fengping Wang, Dong Cui, Jie Yu, Rui Han, Qing Ma, Dae‐keun YOON, Site Cai
  • General Medicine

A dual‐view display has been designed and made by using a double‐layer light guide plate (LGP) and timing multiplex technology. The directional backlight system consists of a reflector film, a leftward LGP, and a rightward LGP. The microdots of the two layers of the light guide plate is made up of wedge‐shaped structures with a different orientation. The timing multiplexing method of dual view display sends different images to the left and right sides separately by the difference in time. This summary establishes a dual view display system in the experiment. The direction back‐light function of the double‐layer LGP, the high‐speed refresh frequency of the LCD and the switching cooperation of the controller make the single screen realize the resolution lossless dual view display.

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