DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16647 ISSN:

46‐3: Invited Paper: Ultra Low Power Color ePaper Signage Displays for Outdoor Use

Ian French, Poyuan Lo, Jonathan Margalit
  • General Medicine

Digital Signage can be quickly updated, greatly enhancing functionality compared to traditional paper signs. Worries about climate change, carbon footprint, energy shortages and light pollution means Signage should be low power with low light pollution. In response, E Ink has developed Kaleido reflective ePaper outdoor displays with good color performance. On a spectrum between paper signs and other forms of full color electronic display Kaleido is much closer to paper signs in power use and lighting impact. Operating temperature range is ‐15°C to 65°C, removing the need for expensive, power hungry heating and cooling.

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