DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16641 ISSN:

45‐2: 14.6‐inch 202‐ppi Rollable Micro LED Display with Color Conversion Technology

Chan-Jui Liu, Cheng-Yeh Tsai, Wei-Ting Lin, Chun-Chung Cheng, Yi-Wei Tsai, Wei-Chih Chen, Chih-Hung Wu, Kun-Lung Hsieh, Jia-Wen Jang, Chiao-Li Huang, Hsun-Yi Wang, Fang-Cheng Yu, Wei-Jen Su, Ssu-Hsien Chih, Hong-Sian Chi, Yu-Chun Huang, Chun-Han Tai, Shih-chi Fanjiang, Chun-Hsiang Chan, Chih-Chieh Lin, Chia-Ting Hsieh, Wei-Lun Hung, Seok-Lyul Lee, Yu-Chieh Lin
  • General Medicine

The 14.6‐inch 202‐ppi rollable micro LED display was fabricated on flexible LTPS TFT backplanes. The tiny micro LEDs, those size are less than 30 um, were bonded on backplanes by flip‐chip soldering technologies. More than 11 million micro LEDs were transferred to achieve brightness of >1000 nits, contrast ratio of >1,000,000:1 and resolution of 2560xRGBx1440. We investigated the structure and mechanism to achieve the rollable capability for micro LED displays.

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