DOI: 10.1002/sdtp.16635 ISSN:

43‐4: Ultra‐High On‐Current Vertical Field‐Effect Transistor with Submicron Channel Length of 0.5 µm Using CAAC‐IGZO

Masataka Nakada, Masami Jincho, Masayoshi Dobashi, Takahiro Iguchi, Yukinori Shima, Junichi Koezuka, Kenichi Okazaki, Koji Kusunoki, Shunpei Yamazaki
  • General Medicine

In this study, an oxide semiconductor vertical field‐effect transistor (VFET) was developed and VFETs with a channel length of 0.5 mm on a glass substrate with small variation were successfully fabricated. This technology enables displays to have high resolution and low power consumption compared with the use of low‐temperature polysilicon.

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